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When and how should the watch be wound?

We recommend that you wind the watch every day at the same time so that the timepiece is supplied with energy for the next 24 hours and can function properly.

Maintenance and care of a watch

A mechanical watch needs to be repaired or maintained after a certain amount of time; at the latest when the watch is no longer functioning properly, you should bring it to a watchmaker. A complete maintenance check is normally only necessary every five years; that’s when all the rubber seals and gaskets are replaced and lubrication renewed. In order to do this, the watch must be taken apart.


Water-resistant cases should be brought to the watchmaker at least once a year and directly before the summer to be checked for water-resistance. Materials utilized in keeping a watch water-resistant, such as rubber and other synthetic materials, age and become porous over time. This can lead to a water-resistant watch randomly becoming damaged when entering water, damaging the sensitive movement.


Dirt is best removed with a damp cloth. Under no circumstances should you use cleaning agents. Especially with regard to waterproof watches, these can weaken the gaskets of the crown and case back, leading to leakage.

Leather strap

As a general rule, do not use running water, soap or chemicals to clean leather straps as this can lead to discoloration and stains in the leather. With daily use, leather straps typically last between one and two years. This interval is also recommended for hygienic reasons.

Storage of watches

Watches should be kept in dry, dust-free environments, for example a special watch box. The watch’s cases should be separated from each other to avoid scratching. Direct sun and other light should also be avoided as the dial and hands may suffer.

Dirt and fatty acids from the skin can damage the watch over time. Thus, the watch should be carefully wiped with a soft cloth if it isn’t going to be used over a longer period of time.