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When and how should the watch be wound?

We advise you to wind the watch at approximately the same time every day to provide the watch with enough power to function optimally over the next 24 hours.

Maintenance and care of a watch

If the watch no longer performs its task correctly, a visit to the watchmaker is unavoidable. As a rule, a complete overhaul of a mechanical watch is only necessary every five years, at which time the rubber seals should be replaced and the oils renewed. For this work, the movement must be completely dismantled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled by a trained watchmaker.

Water resistance

Water resistant watch cases should be checked for leaks by a watchmaker at least once a year, always before the summer. The materials used for sealing, such as rubber or plastics, age and can become fragile and porous over time. This can cause supposedly water resistant watches to leak if they are submerged in water. This could cause damage the sensitive movement and should be avoided at all costs.

Watch cleaning

Dirt can be removed with a slightly moistened cloth. Do not use cleaning products under any circumstances, as these can degrade the gaskets that ensure the watch remains water resistant.

Leather bracelet

In the case of leather straps, you should never use running water, soap, or chemicals for cleaning – these can fray and/or discolour the leather and/or stitching. When worn daily, leather straps should last between one and two years, depending on exposure and body chemistry.

Storage of wristwatches

Wristwatches should be stored in a dry and dust-free environment – a special watch box is ideal. Watches should be stored in a dedicated compartment to prevent scratching. Direct sunlight or bright artificial light should also be avoided, as dials and hands in particular can suffer. Dirt and fatty acids from the skin can damage the watch over time. Therefore, the watch should be wiped carefully with a soft cloth to keep it clean.
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