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The MOVEMENT: An original Nomos ébauche forms the base of every SCHLOSSBERG watch. The movement, which comprises about 100 pieces, is aesthetically finished in the Malchert workshop: the caliber receives a matt, shimmering, grained surface and full finishing with beveled edges, bushes for the jewels, the screws and steel parts are high-polished and the brass plates are gold-plated. The company logo is engraved by the hand of a master craftsman. Every single movement is registered with a unique number for seamless tracking of the watch’s history.

The HANDS: are lightly polished and tempered blue using heat.

The DIAL: is silver-plated and makes an impression with its fresh and elegant design.

The CASE: is crafted in 316L stainless steel and is water-resistant to 30 meters. The size between the lugs is 18 mm.

The CRYSTAL: is sapphire and protects from mechanical stress such as scratches and shocks.

The CASE BACK: is also crafted in sapphire crystal and allows insight into the fascinating insides.

The MEASUREMENTS: the SCHLOSSBERG has an outer diameter of 36 mm and is extremely thin for a mechanical watch at 6.5 mm in height.

The STRAP: »Aniline Calf«, handmade in the color »chocolate,« is made of finest English calfskin leather, and thrice hand-lacquered at the edges. Pleasant on the skin, it is hand-stitched tone-in-tone. The strap has a fiberglass security clasp for protection against physical damage at both ends.

The inside of the strap is embossed with the company logo.

The TECHNICAL DETAILS: The SCHLOSSBERG has a power reserve of 43 hours. It can be set precisely to the second thanks to an added hacking function.


Shipment & Price

Buying a »Schlossberg« – that is how it is done:

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The manually wound SCHLOSSBERG