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MALCHERT-UHREN – Made In His Own Workshop

Measuring time is an age-old necessity for human beings. The ancient Egyptians already portioned time using sundials and, later, water clocks, lending days and nights a set rhythm. Thousands of years separate these humble beginnings from today’s art of watchmaking. The Malchert family has been fascinated by this traditional art form for four generations, a rarity nowadays. Even for the youngest Malchert, Daniel, watchmaking is more than just a job – it’s a calling. He is the first in his tradition-rich family of artisans to create and produce his own watches.

Workshop service

Your watch is in good hands in Daniel Malchert’s workshop.

My offer to you:

Major revision:

A mechanic watch should be completely cleaned every 4-6 years. Meaning: complete dismantling of the watch, cleaning of all parts in a special solution. Checking of all parts for wearout and where required refinishing or providing of replacement. Assembly of the clockwork and fresh oil onto the correct friction points. After putting back the in 4 to 6 layers regulated work into the freshly polished watchcase a long-term test on a watch mover will be conducted.

Price according to model from € 80,00

Minor revision

If your watch is not 4 years old yet, a minor revision can be carried out. Your watch will be checked for functioning. Escapement components are newly oiled. The watch is going to be newly adjusted and a long term test on the watch mover is rounding up the revision. Watchcase and metal band will be cleaned.

Price according to model from € 30,00

Testing for water resistance

A mechanical watch should be tested annually for water resistance.

Price € 15,00

See also General instructions for water resistance according to DIN 8310.pdf

Your watch will be carefully examined to give you an estimate of costs for a reconditioning or repair.

A 6 months warranty applies to all services rendered.

In Daniel Malchert’s the watch makers workshop you will find a partner if you would like to sell your old or new watch. Please feel free to contact me to get a custom-made offer.


The workbench of master watchmaker Daniel Malchert