The Malchert clock SCHLOSSBERG

It is a classic and at the same time elegant watch. Inside, clearly visible through the sapphire crystal back, a high-quality hand-wound movement, completed by Daniel Malchert, is ticking, its appearance reminiscent of the „old“ times of watchmaking. The fresh and at the same time durable design captivates everyone. The SCHLOSSBERG has an outer diameter of 36 mm and is extremely flat for a mechanical watch with 6.5 mm. Its name is a tribute to the landmark of Quedlinburg, a world heritage city, the Schlossberg with its more than thousand-year-old collegiate church. The clock is the first model of a planned series with a historical background from Malchert.


Bockstraße 9
06484 Quedlinburg
Telefon 03946 5283449

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