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The master watchmaker Daniel Malchert

Daniel Malchert’s heart does not beat like those of other people. It is ticking. No wonder, since he was born into a watchmaking family rich in tradition. As a small child, he looked over his grandfather’s shoulder, learning what would become their shared craft at his knee. With an apparently congenital passion, it is no surprise that the young artisan had but one path in mind: To follow in the footsteps of his forebears and pursue a career in watchmaking.

Glashütte in Saxony

To learn the craft, he moved to Glashütte, the internationally esteemed centre of the Saxon watch industry. The ink on the master craftsman’s certificate had barely dried when Daniel Malchert was appointed to the in-house research and development department of NOMOS Glashütte and entrusted with the production of prototypes and small series. A renowned manufacture in Germany’s most famous watchmaking town, NOMOS Glashütte creates its own movements in-house.
What followed this appointment was a dream commission: Daniel Malchert was tasked with the complete production of 25 tourbillon watches – one of the most challenging complications to master.
Abraham Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon around 1800. The escapement, which is comprised of the escape wheel, anchor, balance wheel, and hairspring sits within the tourbillon ‘cage’. The tourbillon cage rotates once every minute, with the aim of compensating for the detrimental effects of gravity on the delicate hairspring. Producing a tourbillon is an extremely complex process. Such an undertaking requires great manual skill. Only a few watchmakers play in this league.

Founding his own watch workshop

Since Daniel Malchert’s heart is ticking, he dislikes stagnation. After eleven formative years at NOMOS Glashütte, Daniel Malchert returned home to begin a new chapter in his professional career. Since December 2011 he has been running his own watch workshop in his family’s hometown – the UNESCO World Heritage city of Quedlinburg. His workshop is certified by the Swatch Group, allowing him to repair and service Omega, Longines, Tissot, Rado, Hamilton, Certina and Balmain. But of course, Daniel Malchert is also happy to work with watches from other manufacturers. In addition to watch servicing, the Quedlinburger is also pursuing another ambitious goal: to develop and build his own watches. 

Daniel Malchert - Master watchmaker

Daniel Malchert
Pölle 32
06484 Quedlinburg

telephone: 03946 5283449

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