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Malchert watches are a tribute to the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Quedlinburg. From every direction, the Schlossberg – with its famous, historic collegiate church – arrests attention. It is the landmark of the city and the namesake of the first series of Malchert timepieces. The handcrafted SCHLOSSBERG watch combines technology and design to create a watchmaking masterpiece.

master watchmaker Daniel Malchert on the SCHLOSSBERG watch

„With this Malchert watch you receive a product that was created in respect of my tradition, the watchmaker’s craft. At the same time I realised the wish to combine my professional development in Glashütte with my hometown of Quedlinburg.

All the know-how of a watchmaker

Hand-finishing and good craftsmanship can be seen in all the details of my watches. My first model SCHLOSSBERG features hand engraving and gold-plating. The surfaces of the ¾ plate and balance cock are hand engraved in a traditional style. For the dial, a special „Malchert-Design“ was developed and manufactured according to my specifications.

A historical minute hand

The minute hand has its own story. I found a similar model in my grandfather’s spare parts box for pocket watches and immediately fell in love with it. That is why my watches have this special hand. Through the circular shape at the end of the hand, small pictures of activity arise as the hands moves. The hands are finished by me and blued by means of heat to protect them from unwanted oxidisation.

Handmade wooden box

Even the packaging was handmade by a master carpenter. We worked together to achieve the perfect presentation package for my watch. As a finishing touch, my company logo was screen printed on the wooden box.“

In Daniel Malchert’s watches the following are combined:
Modern, noble design
Authenticity far away from industrial mass production
Attention to detail
Chronometric precision
the highest art of watchmaking
Genuine craftsmanship
Resistance to short-lived trends
Tradition for generations
Urbane aesthetics
An homage to home
Sophistication down to the smallest element

View of the castle hill of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Quedlinburg
Manual winding watch model SCHLOSSBERG
Master watchmaker Daniel Malchert

Daniel Malchert
Pölle 32
06484 Quedlinburg

telephone: 03946 5283449

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