The Malchert family has an almost 100-year-old tradition of watchmaking.
Master watchmaker Georg Malchert (left) as a journeyman in front of the shop H. Hoffschulte in Berlin, one of his many stations as a travelling watchmaker.

Daniel Malchert’s great-grandfather was a master watchmaker

This journey through time begins with Daniel’s great-grandfather Georg Malchert, who, after learning the craft of watchmaking in Berlin, came to Quedlinburg in 1919 and opened his specialist watch shop in the same half-timbered alley where sales still take place today.

His son takes over the business

His son, Daniel’s grandfather, (also) Georg Malchert, followed in his father’s footsteps, eventually taking over the family business in 1955 having already earned the master craftsman’s certificate from Glashütte. Under the communist regime of the GDR, the business had to be run under the state-owned trading organisation (HO). While his grandmother oversaw the day-to-day running of the shop (selling watches and taking in watches for repair) his grandfather continued to labour from his apartment-based workshop.

A new beginning after the fall of communism: The dawn of the fourth generation

The turning point. The new beginning. Daniel’s father, Axel, reopened the business under the traditional name of Malchert. Around the same time, the fourth generation entered the watchmaking trade. Following his stint in Glashütte, Daniel Malchert opened his own watch workshop above his parents‘ shop. And now, as this journey continues into the future, another change is on the horizon. Soon Daniel Malchert will relocate his workshop to a quiet backyard in the heart of Quedlinburg, not far from his parents’ shop.
Great-grandfather Georg Malchert - Master watchmaker
Grandfather Georg Malchert - Master watchmaker
Father Axel Malchert - Owner "Malchert Watches and Jewellery Specialist"
Daniel Malchert - Master watchmaker

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